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Movie Review: The Fault In Our Stars (I laughed during all the sad scenes)

 ***NOTE: I wrote this late at night when I had a cold and my brain was in sludge-mode, so apologies if my review is kind of rambly and badly edited.  My body was miming a zombie-fairy when I wrote this ;)***

Everyone knows that I strongly dislike TFIOS book, so you'd think that I wouldn't be looking forward to the movie.  Wrong!  Although I wasn't exactly looking forward to it, I was curious to go and see what it would be like.  I thought their might be a tiny (think atom size) chance that I might enjoy it.  We're thinking small, small, small here.  After the movie trailer was TERRIBLE and after the poster came out with it's BEYOND crass and cliche tagline, "A Sick Love Story" I gave up hope of it being possibly good.  But anyway, I went to see it on Sunday with my Best Friend and we had so much fun!!!  While I didn't like it, I had great fun tearing it to pieces the whole way through.  I think my Best Friend that went with me found it half funny, half scary.

The Book Fairy's Report 

My Biggest dislike of the movie was Shailene Woodley's acting.  I think Woodley is an extremely talented actress, but she didn't quite click with the role of Hazel.  I honestly think she's better suited to some sort of role that involves, danger, thrills, and weapons (*coughs* Divergent!), then a role of serious illness, oxygen tank carrying, and dying.  I seem to be the only one that that thinks this though, so I'd love to hear what you think!

My favourite part of the whole movie was the Isaac-eats-a-pillow-scene:

 The Isaac-eats-a-pillow scene also felt the most real.  It looked real, the acting was real, it stuck to the book really closely, and overall it was a good scene.  I also LOVED how Gus' bedroom LOOKED like a boys bedroom!  Having a messy younger brother, I've got LOTS of experience. ;)

After that scene, the film went back to being pathetic.  Rik says it all:
I love this gif so much!

Caroline and Kaitlyn weren't in the movie!

While I could understand Kaitlyn possibly being cut out as she's only mentioned in passing in the book I couldn't understand why you'd cut out Catherine who not only is a big part of the book, but also a big part of Gus and Hazel's relationship.

I felt the makeup and clothes/costumes were really good and done really, REALLY well.  Film people, you have my stamp of approval there. ;)
  Everyone looked normal, y'know?  Woodley wears TRACKPANTS in heaps of the scenes which I thought was fantastic (who doesn't love trackpants?!), as it really felt in character.  I also adored how they left the makeup practically nonexistent, as it made it seem a lot more natural.  I can't remember the last american film I watched that didn't have the actresses dressed up to the nines, not a hair out of a place, and don't forget the ton of makeup.  So, yeah.  That made a nice change. :)

I DID NOT like how the movie went from quoting scenes directly from the book, and then changing to a made up script halfway through and then changing back again.  Even if I didn't like the TFIOS I did like the writing, and it irked me with all it's switching back and forth.

After a while, the "Okay? Okay." thing drove me round the bend.  It wasn't JUST between Gus and Hazel, it was like everyone.  Rather irritating after a while.

The text thing on the screen annoyed me beyond infinity (see my joke there?!  I am hilarious.)  Not only was it distracting, we normally had already seen the actual text on the phone, so I thought they should have decided on one instead of both.  Plus, the font they used for the text on the movie screen looked childish.  I know they were trying to stick with TFIOS title theme, but it still looked like a 5 year old had drawn it.  So there.

 The worst thing about TFIOS movie was the before-sex-scene.  Not only was it really awkward, silly and just SO unnecessary, the worst thing about it, that EVERYONE apart from me and my BF started clapping and wahooing.  I'm cringing just thinking about it now.  I have never felt more mortified in my whole LIFE.  Seriously, the clapping and wahooing were so loud I was convinced people in the movie foyer could here us.  BF and I slid so far down our chairs, that our heads were nearly on the seats of the chairs.  We were both looking at each other, silently saying, "THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, LET IT BE A DREAM.  IT ISN'T A DREAM.  IT IS REAL. OMG, WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO STOP CLAPPING???????!!!!!"  I suppose in years to come, I'll laugh about it, but right now?  NADA.

Us while this HUMILIATING thing was happening:


Like I mentioned in my post on Tuesday  I said I laughed during all the sad scenes.  I did.  This is because I found them ridiculously stupid and cheesy and was practically in hysterics when everyone was sobbing into their tissues.

Example #1: The Scene where Gus tells Hazel He Has Cancer Again And It's Not Going Away



BF: SHUT UP.  *hisses* People are looking at us!  Do you realize we are in a theatre FULL of crazy fangirls that might just KILL you if you don't be quiet!


Example #2: When Gus has his pre-funeral. 

Audience: *can hardly hear the movie over all the bawling*

Me: *massive guffaw*

BF: *pretends she doesn't know this crazy person sitting next to her*

Things I Learnt

1.) Watching someone eat a pillow is highly entertaining.  It was almost worth going to the movie just to see that scene.

2,) Shailene Woodley is better suited to some sort of weapon-in-her-hand acting role then an oxygen-in-her-hand acting role.  My review says it all.  Roll on Insurgent!

3.) Your country can let you down in MANY ways.  I've never been more mortified or ashamed of my country up till now.  THEY WOULDN'T STOP CLAPPING.  FOR THE LOVE OF LOLLIPOPS  WHY DIDN'T THEY STOP CLAPPING????!!!

4.) The Audience was...
Couldn't agree with you more, Rik.

 5.) People that laugh through TFIOS movie are supposedly endangered of being murdered by frenzied fangirls.  So according to my BF, who rushed me out of the theatre as soon as the film ended, convinced my life was in danger.  Thank you dear friend, for saving my life.

And that, my lovely readers, is all for tonight!  My opinions, thoughts, and obvious feelings are all here *bows*
Anyone else been to TFIOS movie?!  What did you think of it?!   Spill ALLLLL the juice, peoples!!!  I want to know!!!!! 


  1. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGM HOLY CRAP. WE HAD THE EXACT SAME THOUGHTS DURING THIS MOVIE!!! I hated the book as well! Well, not necessarily "hated" but i didn't like it, and the more people talked/gushed about it the more...I disliked it? I dunno, but basically a few months after finishing the book, I kinda hated it.
    Sooooo as for the movie, I WAS ALSO TRYING NOT TO LAUGH DURING ALL THE SCENES EVERYONE WAS CRYING IN!!!! My friends were all crying..and the more they cried, the more uncomfortable I got and then the more I started thinking " this movie is getting worse..." Oh, and there was this girl who sat one seat away from me, and she was SOBBING REALLY LOUDLY. I legit snickered...and my friend just looked at me and shook her head hahaha! IF ONLY I WATCHED THIS WITH YOU - WE COULD'VE LAUGHED TOGETHER AND GOTTEN MURDERED BY THE CRAZY FANGIRLS TOGETHER! I was so scared to laugh 'cos I didn't want to ruin the atmosphere...but goshhh, I REALLY WANTED TO.

    This is possibly my favourite movie review! I honestly can't believe there's another person in the world who didn't love the movie!! FANTASTIC review<3

      As SOOON as we got to the movie scene where Gus and Hazel *bump* into each other, I tried not to gag and resisted the urge to throw myself down the movie theatre stairs... >.< I just KNEW it was going to get worse from that point. :(
      It was kind of awkward because in the *sad* scenes, over all the sobbing, you could easily hear my hysterical choking laughter and I got MANY stares...everyone probably thought I was crazy, me included ;)

      Haha, I had NO PROBLEM laughing loudly, which my BF will vouch for!! In a way, I'm quite proud of myself... ;)

      Thanks for your utterly frabjous comment, Shirley!! :) Really made my day getting it!! :) Sorry it took me so long to reply!!

  2. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! I have my review written and scheduled to go up next Thursday and I was honestly panicking about it. But, after reading yours, I feel a lot more confident because you had practically the same thoughts and feelings. I just wasn't very impressed and I laughed when others cried. My boyfriend laughed so much as well it was unreal.

    My cinema was filled with girls who laughed, clapped, cheered, sobbed or shouted out ALL THE TIME! I was so ashamed to have a vagina at the point. It was just embarrassing.

    I read the book once and liked it but wasn't amazing blown away or anything. But I reread it and ended up enjoying it more because I knew what I was getting. I never found the story believable because the characters just weren't believable at all.

    I ADORE YOU!! And the commenter above because we all felt the same and I was kind of feeling like the only one. I am not nervous for my review to go live now :) :) :) I'm also going to go edit it and link to here so others can see this review, it is filled with far too many awesome gifs for people to miss it ;) ;) ;)

    1. EEEEK!! Thanks, Charnell!! I'm really looking forward to Thursday now!! Don't worry, I WILL SUPPORT YOU. We will dislike the movie together and avoid getting murdered by frenzied fangirls!!

      Thanks so much for linking your review to mine!! That's so nice of you!! :D *tackle hugs* CANNOT wait to read your review!! I bet I'm going to agree with you word for word ;)

  3. No problem saving your life, Ella :) Anytime. Looking forward to you reviewing what happens when we see GRACELING!!!

    1. GRACELING. Oh, I cannot wait!! Though I SWEAR, if Po isn't done correctly I will do something drastic. >:| (And you know I mean it ;D)


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