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IT'S MY HALF BLOGOVERSARY!! These Last Six Months and First Ever Frabjous Giveaway!!

I have been blogging for exactly six months since yesterday. And I don't quite believe it.


1.) Let us do some maths.  There are 12 months in a year.  Half a year is six months.  I have been blogging for half a year.  THE TIME HAS GONE SO FAST.  

2.) I don't feeeeel like I've been blogging for six months! Time has flown by so fast!  It feels like a few months, yeah, but six...?  Can I scream, NO!?  

3.) I have hardly posted at all but you've stuck by me!  I have reasons for not being around much, of course!  Excuses!  Long essay length speeches on why I have been not the best most consistent blogger in the universe!  But you've all stuck by me and commented and chatted to me on ALL my posts!  Not a single one of my posts doesn't have a comment on it and I think that is pretty darn FANTABULOUS. 

4.) I have found so many utterly frabjous people in the blogging world!  I have met and now follow many wonderful amazing blogs run by wonderful and amazing people!  EVERYONE I have met is so nice and friendly, and I am truly thankful for that.

5.) People actually seem to like what I have to say! (They're obviously completely crackers, but WHATEVER.) Once Upon a Bookish Time has collected many followers, stats and comments since April and my little mind boggles at it all the time.  THANK YOU EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!!!!

The book community is such a fabulous one and I have met literally dozens of frabjous bookworms through their blogs or through mine!  It amazes me and makes me incredibly happy at the same time!  So without further ado, here is a (verrrrry long) list of all the fantabulous bloggers I love.

The 2 most frabjous fantabulous amazing people in the blogoverse I have to thank the most are:

ROMIIIIIII!!  You were my first ever follower and you've been with me since post one!  You always leave such beautiful comments that leave such a big smushy smile on my face and I love reading your posts!  You are seriously the most frabjous person I've met since I've started blogging!

CAIIIIIIIIT.  I know I don't comment very much on your blog but I read EVERY ONE of your posts and adore every single one of them!  I love you to Wonderland and back!  You're such an encouraging person and you have the most amazing sense of humour!  Talking to you is so fun, and I literally cannot wait for you become a published author!!!!!!!!
I have my money right here (I especially want to read Never, Never...can you hear me jumping up and down with longing through your computer screen?)!!!!! ;) 

The other frabjous people that have made my blogging journey so much fun:

Skylar @ Life of a Random

SKYLAR.  I miss your frabjous posts now you're at collage!  You were my first GFC follower which made me ridiculously proud and still does! ;)  You've been so nice to me, and I'm really thankful for that!

Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

ZOEEEEEEE.  Oh, girl, you are seriously one of the NICEST people I've come across these last six months!  I love how thorough you are in your reviews (yay!  I'm not the only critical reviewer put there!) but you always stay so nice at the same time (which I always fail's either I love you or you're in the bin) and I also love most of all how I have a person to back me up when I tell someone I dislike City of Bones! *uses Zoe as a shield* 

Emily @ The Loony Teen Writer

EM! *bows*  You are the Queen of gifs!  I inhale EVERY word you write and I SO WANT TO READ YOUR WANDERLAND BOOK.  Oh, I hope it gets published one day so I can!  If you ever need a beta reader for it YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME. ;)  You are definitely going to be one of those ridiculously famous authors when you get published along with CAIT and I'm going to say to all these people when I show them your book(s), "Well, I not only KNOW this author, but SHE'S COMMENTED ON MY BLOG!!"  *insert smug expression*

Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

Yayyy, SOPH.  You've been absolutely SPIFFING to me these couple of months, and I'm really glad we met!  Coblogging with you is going to be FRABJOUS!

Hawwa @ It Was Lovely Reading You 

Haha, HAWWA you make me laugh so!  Your reviews are always beautifully written and sound more like a poem then a review!  Your comments are hilarious as well as your beautiful blog design that matches you so!

Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

JEANN, you leave such lovely comments and I really love reading your reviews!  I have read so many books that you've recommended that I've adored, and I'm really thankful to you for it!

Siiri @ Little Pieces of Imagination

Ahhhh, SIIRI.  Hehe, you make me laugh so much!  You are seriously a professional fangirl, and I just adore how determined you can get over something!  If I ever give in about getting twitter it will probably be because if you. ;)  You are such an enthusiastic person and I love knowing you!

Kelly @ Diva Booknerd

Oh, KELLY, you are seriously so nice!  I love your blog from the content to the droolworthy designs! (They are seriously so pretty!  Wish I had you talent, lovely!)

Charnell @ Reviews From a Bookworm
CHARNELL.  Here, is a perfect example of where I silently stalk someone to death...but they have no idea.  THIS IS ME WITH CHARNELL.  I love Charnell's sense of humour and her use of gifs (GIFS!!) as well as everything else about her and her blog!

Mel @ YA Midnight Reads

MEL.  Your rant reviews make me giggle as does your obsession with MLP and Percy Jackson!  I should really get on to reading that series, shouldn't I?! ;)

Aneta @ The Graffitti On the Wall

ANETA!  Although you strongly dislike Throne of Glass and I am one of it's biggest fans, I FORGIVE YOU.  You have a frabjous personality and we have awesome banter! ;)

Those are all the people that been utterly fantabulous these last six months!!!  I am so freaked out I've forgotten someone (or ten, or twenty) but tell me in the comments if I have!

I was going to go over stats and comments and stuff, but I've decided I'll wait until my 1 year blogoversary to do that! ;)

The frabjous giveway!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my first ever giveaway, so excuse my inexperience!  I wanted to give away physical books but I'm not made of money and overseas postage would wreck my bank account for life if I went international!  My readers seem to be smushed over the globe! So to thank everyone for supporting Once Upon a Bookish Time for the last six months 3 winners will be able to choose 1 ebook each of the following ebooks!!!  AND IT'S INTERNATIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The choices are Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers, Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige and Every Breath by Ellie Marney!  These are all AMMMMAZING books and I hope the people who win enjoy them to!!!!!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck Everyone!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Loony Blurbs #1: Sprigs, Noodle the Evil Lion and Bone Sucking I-have-no-idea-what-yets

loony blurbs 4

Basically, you write your own blurbs for books that have been published!!!!!!  Click on the banner for more information!!!!!!!!

Let us begin!!

13528340Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Once upon a time, a girl arose from the flames...her name was Marrow-Whisp and she was going to destroy the world...

Marrow-Whisp is the daughter of Arrow a Smoke Mage and Errilla a Bone Mage.  But Marrow-Whisp should never been born...The Smoke tribe and the Bone clan must never marry into each other if they want to keep the Gods happy and civilization from erupting.  Marrow-Whisp has uncontrollable powers that rival nuclear weapons, the whole world would be happy to see her dead.  Realizing that she can't live her life in hiding until one uncontrollable burst kills her, Marrow-Whisp sets of across the deserts to find the Old Women of the Sand who will hopefully have the answer...

Walking on Trampolines by Frances Whiting

In the floating city of Bouncii, their are 4 kinds of people: The Royal Leapers, the Upperclass Jumpers, the Working class Hoppers and worst of the Sprogs: the slaves kept locked below the city barely surviving, making sure the floating city's machinery is oiled and working excellently otherwise they don't get fed.  Twins, Deidre and Dominic, were born in the shadowy below and have never seen sunlight.  Their darest wish is to feel the sun and see the sky - but that looks impossible.  Rebellion is harshly responded to; if you refuse to work you don't get fed, and if you still refuse then your oxygen is cut off.  But a secret rebellion is brewing bigger then anyone could imagine and Deidre and Dominic are determined to be part of it...



The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C S Lewis

Noodle the Evil Lion is a manacle wearing villainous Collector.  He collects all the rare and precious things in the world that are few and far between.  He keeps them locked up in his Museum of Fantastical Things where no one but him can look at them.  Noodle thinks that he has collected everything there is to collect until he starts to hear of a talking magical Wardrobe owned by a witch called Peppermint .  Noodle will do anything to get his paws on this wardrobe but before he does he'll have to get through Peppermint first.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants by Ann Brashares

 Long Leg, Short Leg, High Waist and Low Waist are Jeans.  They've never mixed with each other having preferred to stay with their own groups until one night, they all find themselves in the same pile and discover that they have a lot more in common the they think.  Before being ripped apart the next morning, they all make a promise that they won't forget each other and that someday will be united.  That day each Jeans is bought by a special person and the Jeans go off excitedly to start their new lives.  But whatever they do the promise they made to each other always hover in their minds until one day something marvellous happens...


City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

It's called the City of Bones for a reason...

People that go into the City of Bones come back...without their bones...

What goes on in that City?  Why are the bodies boneless without even a mark on them?  Who does this to them? Or is it a what?

1629601The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E Lockhart

11-Year-Old Frankie is disreputable. She also has a history.  But she plans to make people forget what she did with her machine that she's been building in the shed at the bottom of the garden.  It wipes peoples memories of specific things the person wants you to forget, and Frankie plans to use it on everyone she's wronged.  She's not a villain.  She's just protecting herself.  They'll be no side effects because Frankie knows how to make it work perfectly.  Until that is, the machine (named Cuthbert) disappears from the shed odd things start happening in Frankie's town: Banks are robbed but no one can remember how; houses are burgled in full daylight with the people still in it, but they can't remember how; on and on the crime goes, and Frankie realizes that these people are using her Cuthbert for all the bad things.  To get Cuthbert back, Frankie will have to turn from possible desperate villainess to determined heroine before it's to late.


I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

I'll Give You the Sun is famous reality TV show. If you win, it you get prizes beyond your wildest dreams.  If you lose, you're never seen again.  And there is only 3 winners among 50.  Tilly is a journalist, determined to go undercover as a participant and find out all the juice.  But what she finds is beyond anything she could've expected...

So, I've been pretty lacking on brain juice lately, so apologies for my pretty much wince inducing blurbs! >.<

Link me up to your Loony Blurbs in the comments!!  What book was your favourite to fake blurb???!!!

Monday, 22 September 2014

The Book Gif Tag (i behead furniture and sherlock beats up twilight for me)

I like gifs.  Y'know just a little bit.

Okay, that might be the understatement of the millennium: I LOVE GIFS.

Big thanks and hugs to Aneta Augustine (seriously people you should check out her blog, HER SENSE OF HUMOUR IS FABULOUS) who tagged me for The Book Gif Tag!!  YAY!! *bounces up and down*
I've been wanting to do this ever since it started circling the book blogsphere so I was beyond happy and surprised that I got tagged, especially as I've been as around on the blogsphere as much as a rainbow coloured squirrel (aka not here).  

The rules for The Gif Tag are pretty basic: The person who tags you gives you 10 books for you to post a gif reaction to.  After you do that, you tag people that you want to see do it and give them 10 books to post their reaction too!  Got it?  Ok, lets go!

1.) Peter Pan

The truth is, I have a memory of a sausage.  It's true!  I find it difficult enough remembering what day it is!  I remember reading Peter Pan a looong time ago, but I can't remember all of what I thought about it.  I remember I disliked Wendy and couldn't understand why someone would name a house for her (I mean c'mon...Ella House sounds so much better).  Peter was a dead kid that found joy in kidnapping kids and calling it an adventure.  Tinkerbell was like a parrot on coffee (you have to agree with me, there) and I really, really liked Caption Hook.  Or, more specifically his hook.  (I was going through a pirate phase that's all I can say.)  But apart from those tiny things I think I enjoyed the story.  Think.  I'm going to have to reread it.  (It's been yeeeeears.)

2.) The Help

I DNF'd this at about a quarter way in.  I WANTED to enjoy it, but like the incredibly adorable duckling above I kept dropping off and yawning.  maybe I'll pick it back up in the future.

3.) City Of Bones

Ooooh, you SHOULD NOT get me started on this book *hefts axe*   Zoe and I share a deep loathing for this book so I'm glad at least ONE person stands beside me in this world FULL of Cassandra Clare fans everywhere you look. *shivers and hides behind Zoe*  I would be quite happy to watch this book and everything in it (including the furniture) get beheaded. *swaps axe to other hand* HAPPILY.

4.) Throne Of Glass

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hyperventilates*  *giggles madly*  To be completely honest, when I reread Throne of Glass recently, I didn't find it as great as the first time I read it BUT BECAUSE I AM A LOYAL FANGIRL AND BECAUSE CROWN OF MIDNIGHT BROKE MY FEELS AND HEIR OF FIRE BURNT THEM TO ASH, I STILL LOVE IT.  Now go away and read them.  Now.  off you go, SHOO.

5.) Divergent

Divergent was like on of those mixed bag of lollies you can get.  Half of the lollies are your favourite and the other half of the bag are foul and sickeningly gross.  Meet my experience with Divergent: I devoured the first half and ADORED it, got to the Four and Tris starting to be lovey dovey, and BAM!  Bring out the crap.  I absolutely HATED the second half of Divergent which made me sad.  Talk about twist my feels into knots!

6.) Twilight

I googled many search terms before I came across this fantastic Sherlock gif.  THANK YOU SHERLOCK!!!!!  I'd give you a hug, but you'd probably  owe you a mystery.  I won't fill up this blogpost with How Much Ella Hates Twilight because I think I've probably already scared you away with my City of Bones rant and also the above Sherlock gif.  I PROMISE, I don't go round savagely beating books I want to see tortured till their dying breath don't like to death.  

7.) The Mediator

Never heard of it before.  Upon looking it up, this book/series seems to be by Meg Cabot who I've never read anything by.  Isn't she the author of the Princess Diaries or something??

8.) Legend

Mmm, it was ALRIGHT.  I didn't really understand what was SOOOOOO amazing 'bout it though.  So I'm leaving it up to Harry to do that adorable little shrug of his to explain my reaction to it. ;)

9.) Thirteen Reasons Why

THIS BOOK WAS SO SAD BUT BEAUTIFUL.  One of the only times I've got teary over a book.  Just...LOVED IT TO FRABJOUS AND BACK.  Now go away and let me remember every sad and marvellous word of it.  *weeps in corner*

10.) Pride and Prejudice

*hides behind newspaper* I ACTUALLY HAVEN'T READ IT.  I KNOW. I am so very disappointed in myself.  I mean, this is like the classic of ALL classics.  Something is seriously wrong with me. *shakes head*  I'm just no the biggest classic reader out there.  Have read Mansfield Park, though! *grins proudly*

Frabjous Nominees:

 (because Romi is one of my favourite person's EVER and because her sense of humour is fantastic and also because I've said so.  THAT IS REASON ENOUGH ROMI.)

(because Em is the Queen of gifs and I stalk her rather creepily)

(because Skylar makes me happy when she posts)

(BECAUSE  SHE'S AWESOME.  And accepts my craziness.)

(because Briana's answers will make me grin form ear to ear)

(because Hawwa is also Queen of gifs and she makes me laugh)

(because Zoe is like the SWEETEST MOST NICEST PERSON OUT THERE.  Also because I want her to do it.)    

(because she's FRABJOUS and also because I just want to stalk her more)

And anyone else that wants to obey my demands (I'm looking at YOU).

My 10 books that demand your gif reaction:

Alice In Wonderland (I HAD to see that coming, didn't you??)




Clockwork Angel (I am ONLY putting this on the list, so I can stalk the people that might've actually disliked it.  That reason only.)

The Selection (Anyone else immediately thinking Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games??  BECAUSE I AM.)



The Distance Between Us (BECAUSE IT IS ADORABLE!)


Happy Giffing everyone! :D  Leave your links in the comments!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Top Ten Utterly Frabjous and Wildly Marvelous Book Characters I'd Want at My Tea Party

Today, I am breaking rules.  I know.  I'm so badass.  I'm joining up with the frabjous Top Ten Tuesday meme, but instead of going along with this week's list: Top Ten Book Characters That Would Be Sitting At My Lunch Table, I've decided to change it to: Top Ten Book Characters I'd Want at My Tea Party.  Why?  There a three reasons:

1.) Although I am of highschool age, I don't go to school.  I'm homeschooled.  We do eat lunch and we do have tables, us homeschoolers, but I still wanted to twist the topic to my liking. ;)

2.) I am a Wonderland Freak.  I also thought this was a brilliant opportunity to spring my love of it on you all.  *cue evil laugh*  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

3.) I can't remember reason three.
Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!  Check out their frabjous blog for more details!  

This meme involves one of true loves: Lists!  I love lists beyond infinity!

1.) Celaena Sardothien from the Throne of Glass Series


Celaena shows quite an appetite for food in the Throne of Glass books that I love.  We both adore chocolate cake, which OF COURSE, I have here today to tempt her to come, mainly so I can gloat how we're somewhat related (I have green eyes with gold rings around them.  Not Celaena's blue, yes, BUT STILL.  WE SHARE THE GOLD.  WE ARE RELATED SOMEHOW).

2.) All of the Harry Potter world Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger and Fred and George Weasley from the Harry Potter Series.


I could put a massive paragraph explaining WHY I want these magnificent people to come to my tea party but I don't really think you want to see how enthusiastic I actually AM about these books and how invested I am in the characters, especially the one's above! 

3.) and 4.) The Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland

Because what's a Tea Party without a Mad Hatter involved???!!!  Exactly, IT'S NOT ONE. I am OBSESSED with The Mad Hatter.  He's my favourite character from Alice In Wonderland and he's just FRABJOUS.  I have a kind of hat collection so It'd be absolutely joyous to come home with one he made for me.  *happy sigh* Such fun!

I've always loved the character of the Queen of Hearts as she's always fascinated me.  Although the only reason I'm inviting her is so that I can try and steal her axe.

5.), 6.) and 7.) Ismae, Sybella, and Annith from His Fair Assassin Series
9565548 I think this series might be second to Harry Potter for me.  It is just so frabjous and beautiful and magnificent and wonderful and beautiful and amazing and fantastic and brilliant and -- oh dear, my fangirling is starting to get to that stage where your hands kind of do that thing where they're kind of twitching and waving and clapping at the same time.

9943270Anyways, although, I haven't read Mortal heart YET (November is such a long time away *sigh*), I know a bit about Annith and would just love for her to be at the tea party.  I have madly adored Ismae in Grave Mercy and Sybella in Dark Triumph for SO long so I would do almost ANYTHING for them to come!  I LOVE THEM SO MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH!!!!!!!  I want Ismae to teach me about Poisons and Sybella to teach me how to use a sword.  I have it all worked out, as you can see ;)  I don't know what Annnith could teach me but I'm sure there's something!  SOMETHING ASSASSINY.
My aim would be far from Katniss' expertise.  I'd probably shoot myself in the eye.

 8.) Meghan Chase from The Iron Fey Series
Adventures!  Fey!  Magic!  Portals! Humour!  Frabjousness!  It's actually been awhile since I've read The Iron Fey books so inviting Meghan to the party is an excellent idea to get better acquainted again.

9.) Josie from Looking for Alibrandi

 Josie has one of the biggest mouths I've ever found in all the YA fiction I've read (hint: ALOT).  She has a smart smart FOR EVERYTHING and I just love her to bits.  Everything about Looking for Alibrandi deserves to be cherished and it's definitely one of my favourite books of all time.  So yes:  Josie is a MUST for this Tea Party.

10.) Yelena from Poison Study


Poisons!  Poisons!  POISONS!!!   This book just makes me want to break out in song (don't worry I won't)!  Yelena has such a clear voice that it feels like you actually IN the story experiencing it with her, and...WOW.  It's just amazing.  Of course inviting a food taster is probably going to freak the other guests buuut...I don't care.  Yelena is a MUST.  She could teach me all about poisons...

 *Apologies for the rather rambliness of this post, I've recently had my tonsils out so I'm not all there. DX

Link me up to your TTTs!!  Anyone on my list on yours??!!

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