Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy Birthday Oh Frabjous Cait!

UPDATE: It turns out Ella can't do maths to save herself, so this birthday post is 6 days early! It is in fact NOT Cait's birthday today. *dies* Early birthday present, somewhat?!

Today it's a special snowflake's birthday!! Her name is Cait, she's my favourite blogger of ever, she flails like a headless pineapple AND TODAY SHE'S TURNING 21!!


Basically, she's now an adult and I wanted to remind her of it. Mwahahaha! Although I'm sure we all realize that Cait will forever be a little kid at heart.

I kid, I kid! I really just wanted to blow lots of hugs and kisses her way on her special day! I love Cait and her fabulous blog very much and she's a very big inspiration to me, so I wanted to wish her Happy Birthday in a bloggish way!

So in epic Ella fashion I decided to come up with a list of things Cait can do now she's 21. I am List Maker Extraordinaire so I thought this was a PERFECT idea. *grins evilly* I wanted to be especially awesome and write 21 things Cait can do now she's 21...buuut, it's actually quite difficult to find 21 things you can do now you're 21. It seems when you turn 18 you can do pretty much ANYTHING except the below 8 I found. Google was somewhat helpful, but in the end I only cam up with...8. Yes, 8. Which unless you're really bad at maths, does NOT equal 21.