Friday, 26 June 2015

Mini Reviews :: Lots of ASDFGHJKLing!



OMG SO MUCH SEXUAL TENSION. I pretty much spent the whole book thinking AHHH CAN'T KESTREL AND ARIN JUST KISS ALREADY??!!

I definitely enjoyed this WAY more then The Winner's Curse which I found an interesting but mediocre read, so I was stoked on that fact. Characters were much better written and the pacing was THRILLING and all in all a really great read apart from the fact I wanted to smush Kestrel and Arin's faces together every time they were in the same room together.

I've come to the conclusion that I desperately need the last book, The Winner's Kiss (WHICH, btw, I think is a god-awful title), LIKE I NEED AIR.


ASDFGHJKL OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG *faints* *burbles*  THIS BOOK WAS SO AMAZING!!! *flails* After being really impressed with Shepherd's former books in this trilogy, I was really looking forward to A Cold Legacy but had no idea going into it, how much I'd love it!! Shepherd's writing is SUPERB; all creepy and gothic and beautiful, but still packing a punch to knock you into next week.

We FINALLY left the dratted love triangle behind and Juliet know knows who she really loves (WHO I KNEW FROM THE MOMENT HE WAS MENTIONED IN BOOK ONE sighhhhhh) and is even planning her wedding. A Cold Legacy retells the story of Frankenstein AND IT IS AMAZING. Just read the series, ok?! That's all I have to say.



 I wasn't actually keen to read Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda (because you know, I only have just a million other books I need to read NOW)  till I saw all the glowing reviews start pouring in, and then I decided I needed this book in my life. I managed to snag myself a copy (FOR WHICH I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL YOU LOVELY PUBLISHER YOU) and from page one I fell completely head over heels for this BEAUTEOUS little book! MY FEELS PEOPLE MY FEEEEEELS. THEY GOT COMPLETELY BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS.

To sum up this book in just one word: ADORABLE. ADORABLE ON ADORABLE WITH ADORABLE ON THE SIDE PLUS EXTRA LASHINGS OF ADORABLE. *breathes heavily* The characters are so cutttte and Simon is ADORABLE and SWEET and FUNNY and ADORABLE! *flails* I basically EVERYTHING about this book apart from a little toad called Martin who I want to hunt down and kill slowly for being such a little worm. 


I read Prisoner of Night and Fog last year and liked it, but wasn't impressed or wowed.So I was cautious going into the sequel but sheeeeesh, THIS BOOK IS SO MIND BOGGLINGLY AMAZING IT ALMOST BROUGHT ME TO TEARS. I couldn't pull myself away from the writing, the characters were so much better written and the ROMANCE! OMG THE ROMANCEEEE. *squees* One of my problems with Prisoner of Night and Fog was that I felt zilch chemistry between Daniel and Gretchen but in here?! ASDFGHJKL SO GOOD. They were just so good for each other and made each other better and you could feel the chemistry pouring off was just really, really, really lovely to read.



HALF WILD BY SALLY GREEN | Back Burner | Purchase |

Well. You have no idea how sad this makes me putting this book on the back burner. After I loved Half Bad SO MUCH, it hurts SO MUCH to not be enjoying Half Wild.

Half Bad to me was this breath of fresh air in the YA world full of such original writing and prose and adorably broken characters and it was about witches! WITCHESSSSS. MY FAVOURITE THINGS.

But no matter how much I've tried, I can't get into Half Wild. And when I'm not hissing in frustration over not being able to finish it, I'm dreading picking it up because I know I'm just going to be staring at the pages not seeing anything.

So Half Wild is going on the backburner for now. If I want to love it as much as I did the first book (and I'm going to, it's just that I'm not in the mood for it) I'm leaving it alone for a little why. *sad sigh* WHY CAN'T I JUST LOVE EVERY BOOK I READ!

17901125THE MIME ORDER BY SAMANTHA SHANNON | Back Burner | Purchase |

Seeing how much I ADORED The Bone Season, you'd think my of The Mime Order would hit the moon right?? Or at least just leave earth behind, yes? But sadly, due to my horrid reading slumpiness, I think, I just could not get into this book!

My brain just freezes every time I open it up to read, and I'll read a whole page and then not remember for the life of me what I just read. And it's KILLING me!

I so want to love this book and forcing myself to read it, just isn't working, so I'm going to take a break from it and come back in a couple of months, hopefully.

What's a book that's made you go ASDFGHJKL recently?!
Read any books in this post?!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Farewell May, Hellooo June {birthdays, killer axe books, and sparkly new ideas}

Here in Middle Earth, it is now WINTER. GONE is heat, sun and melting popsicles, NOW, chills, evil horrible cold mornings...and BIRTHDAYS!


+ I had my birthday! I turned sixteen and am now waiting around for a) a sparkly vampire/glowering werewolf/fae prince/angel/demon/the boy next door to fall creepily in love with me  while I b) save the world from massive destruction with c) my magical powers of some sorts that I will miraculously discover I have. How do I know this will happen?! I READ YA FOLKS AND THIS IS WHAT ALLLLWAYS HAPPENS WHEN A GAL TURNS SIXTEEN. #Fact.

+ I HAD MY FIRST DRIVING LESSON!! Seeing as I didn't kill or maim  anyone, including myself and my poor dad AND I didn't break the car I consider it a success. *high fives self* I am now struggling to read through The Road Code, which is about as much fun as pulling my fingernails out.

+ I saw Pitch Perfect 2. Colour me disappointed and slightly horrified. After realllllly enjoying the first movie, the first movie actually kind of shocked me in how baaaaaaad it was. *sighs*

+ I began doing more photography! Not much, but its a start. I seem to get inspiration around 10:30pm at night when I should really be asleep...

+ I started brainstorming new ideas for the blog! THIS IS EXCITING.

+ I started brainstorming/plotting ideas for an Alice in Wonderland retelling and I am SO excited about it!!!!!!!! *flails quietly in the corner*

+ I continued plotting my Snow White Retelling and so well it's going good!!

+ I have concluded that I'm in the biggest I-can't-be-bothered-leave-me-alone-I'm-pissed-off with-all-things-slightly-wordy reading slump. It's really horrible and I either feel like killing all books on sight or bursting out in tears and wailing hysterically at the sight of my massive TBR pile. Montgomery the Kindle is slowly dying with all the unread e-arcs on him and takes every opportunity to remind me of it, and my 20something library book stack is plotting to kill me in my sleep. If that isn't bookworm problems right there, I don't know WHAT is.

+ Even through my depressed bookish slump state, I still managed to dig myself a deeper hole and go on a massive binge-requesting EVERYTHING on Netgalley. I am ashamed but at the same time slightly in aware with myself that I managed to request so many titles. Of course I now have to REVIEW all those titles so I'm secretly dying.


+ I actually managed to write a review without a single gif in it! And the book was ACOTAR! Applaud me please!

+ I posted a dramatic letter to WILD AWAKE that I wrote in May last year. Also comes under Humiliating One's Self On The Internet, but HEY you guys liked it, that's alight. ;')


+ I want to get back in control of my review pile as I need to spend some quality time with alllll my library books so you can probably expect a flux of mini reviews!

+ I've been thinking this over for a while but would you people like to hear about my writing?! I'm thinking of writing up a post featuring all my WIPS and Ideas For Future Books, so would you be interested?!

+ Some tags! The Disney Book Tag and some other tag I can't remember!


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