Monday, 27 July 2015

Every Move by Ellie Marney :: I CRIED

18516682 Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Release Date: March 1st 2015
Source: From the publisher - thanks!!!!
Purchase: The Book Depositry
Read it in: 4 hours
Word Rating: *cries* *cries* *cries*
After the dramatic events of London, a road trip back to her old home in Five Mile sounds good (in theory) to Rachel Watts, with her brother Mike in the driving seat. But when Mike picks up his old buddy – the wildly unreliable Harris Derwent – things start to go south. Back in Melbourne, Rachel’s ‘partner in crime’, James Mycroft, clashes with Harris, and then a series of murders suggest that the mysterious Mr Wild – Mycroft’s own personal Moriarty – is hot on their tail. When tragedy strikes, Rachel and Mycroft realise they’ll have to recruit Harris and take matters into their own hands…


Even though this book has been sitting on my bookshelf for months the reason I haven't reviewed it sooner is because I don't know how. I don't know how to tell you how amazing I think this book is, how I want to blather on for ages about how special it is, to put it all coherently into words I really have no idea where to start.So I'm just going to chug ahead and write as much as my filled-to-the-top brain will let me.
This book is so special to me in so many ways. It was my fist ever physical ARC that I managed to gather up the courage in me and request for, and for that I will always have a soft spot for it, but also because this is the first book I've EVER cried over. And I don't mean, "Oh look, my eyes are feeling a bit watery," or, "OMG! A single tear!" I mean FULL OUT sobbing. And this coming from a person who didn't cry over TFIOS (ummm, because I hated it) anddidn't cry over THE BOOK THIEF either. OR at the end of the HARRY POTTER series (it was close though). But OH MY GOD did I CRY when I finished EVERY MOVE. It was complete gross sobbing with about a ton of tears and I felt like a very used dish cloth afterwards. MY HEART HAS NEVER FELT SO BROKEN.

I love James and Rachel's relationship more then almost ANYTHING. In EVERY MOVE it's tested somewhat because Rachel's still suffering PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which I thought was executed AMAZINGLY well, and Mycroft is being, well, Mycroft (also see somewhat idiot). But I gotta admit this has possibly got to be my favourite ship of ALL TIME and honestly, if I had the money, I would truly go round gifting this wonderful series to EVERYONE. I would! Just I have a money problem.

Everything else in this book is beyond perfect. It's beautiful and I loved it.

To ME, this book is perfect, faultless, flawless. And even if it did have flaws, they are flaws I'm not going to talk about because I don't think they're important enough to write here. THIS IS JUST ME THOUGH! You might think ENTIRELY different and you know what? That's fine.

*NOTE: You're probably wondering why if I loved this book so much why I'm not shooting capslock and  exclamation marks and gifs like the Ella you're used to seeing when she gets excited, but the truth is, when I get truly passionate about something, I get serious. So if you don't think I sound the most enthusiastic when you finish reading this review...TRUST ME. I AM VERY, VERY, VERRRRRY ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT THIS BOOK!


I definitely haven't done this book justice so I might come back with a part two or edit this review because I'm not satisfied!
Please, please, PLEASSSSSSE tell me you have read EVERY BREATH?! Because if you haven't...WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE??!!! *throws small but powerful tantrum* SHOO! Go and grab yourself a copy NOW! *awaits impatiently*

Friday, 24 July 2015

Adrift by Paul Griffin :: a book cleverly outlining why i don't like the ocean (also: fish gifs)

23743718Publisher: Text Publishing
Release Date: July 28th 2015
Source: Text Publishing - thanks!!!!
Purchase: Text
Read it in: 2 hours
Five of us went out on the water that night.
None of us came back whole, and not all of us came back.

Best friends Matt and John are spending the summer working. Matt to save money for college, John to kill time before trade school. On the beach, the beautiful Driana stops Matt in his tracks. Dri, Stef and JoJo invite the boys to a party at Dri's Hamptons mansion, and Matt drags John along.

When Stef decides it’s a beautiful night to go windsurfing, the others race out on the water to make sure she’s safe. But with no land in sight and a broken boat engine, it’s not just Stef they have to worry about. And as the hours turn into days, the prospect of rescue seems further and further away...


Can I just say what a WONDERFUL surprise this was? This book was truly, truly good. I had my doubts at the beginning but once we were a wee way on it started to get oh, so much better.

Sooo basically this book is about five teens not making the best decision they'll make in their lives and then getting stuck out at sea in a broken boat and no provisions WITH NO LAND IN SIGHT. Can I just say right now, THIS IS MY WORST NIGHTMARE COME TRUE. I don't really like water that much. I'm a good swimmer because my parents dragged me to swimming lessons from a young age but I don't like swimming. It's wet, it's cold, and just yucky. I dislike swimming pools but dislike oceans even more basically because oceans have more scary things in them then chlorine like sharks, evil fish, sharks, jellyfish, sharks, other scary things, and sharks. And more dastardly evil fish. SO BASICALLY, what I'm trying to say that being stranded on a broken boat in the middle of nowhere makes me want to go live in a desert right this second. BUT LETS MOVE ON.

The first few chapters I found really hard to connect too. The sentences were choppy and awkward and I was starting to zone out slightly but THEN it started getting really good.

The writing was really, really gripping. This only took me a couple of hours to get through and I didn't want to leave the sofa at all while reading it! My Mum kept calling for me to do the dishwasher and I was just like: *eyes not leaving page* "I'll be there in a minute!"*ten minutes later Mum calls again* "I'll be there in a minute!" *tells self I will just finish this chapter...*

Let's talk characters! We have Matt our main character who was, unfortunately a bit of a stiff fish. He was slightly boring and ever so slightly whiny. And also had a deep mistrust of John, that I felt was unfair because John was his best friend and is basically THE person making sure he doesn't die...but at the same time I kind of mistrusted John myself because he was ever so slightly psychotic...BUT STILL. John is his best friend and Matt didn't treat him in the most best friendish way at times.

John? I LIKED JOHN. Although not enough to be a stuck on a raft with him for very long, that's for sure (haha, really, NO). John reminded me of a shark with a sore fin stuffed behind this very calm, very scary mask and although it was fascinating to read you had to admit he wasn't the sanest banana in the bunch.
 I honestly had no idea how I felt about Dri. Almost indifferent, I guess? I think I wanted more about John and Matt's relationship which would've been SO much more interesting but instead we got Dri who I didn't mind....BUT I WANTED MORE JOHN.
Stef and JoJo? Considering it was Stef's stupidity that they were all out there stranded and dying, I didn't have much sympathy for her. And when she died I had even less for her. Harsh? Maybe, but I felt she almost got off easy compared to what the others had to go through after she died. JoJo was excellent in the beginning but when he, uh, started to lose his mind just that little bit, he got FREEEEAKY. And then he died, so yeah... Even freakier then John!
Me towards Stef.

I wasn't the happiest person of ever over the ending. It ended well...but not well at the same time. It was good...but I wanted more!
Tellllll me! How do you feel about the ocean?! How long do you think YOU could survive on a broken boat with no provisions and with a bunch of slowly going crazy teenagers??!! (I would totally get murdered in my sleep and either get eaten or used as bait. Definitely.)

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

100 Bloglovin Followers Appreciation Giveaway!!!

YES. That day has finally come!!! The day where Once Upon a Bookish Time reaches the kingdom of the three letter digit!!!!! 
 I am so happy and and excited and surprised  and just SO incredibly happy I feel like I can't do anything but squeak and hyperventilate quietly!!!

To show my thanks you can enter below to win ONE of the following  three books in ebook condition!!

Confessions of a Queen B* is a laugh out loud contemporary that made me giggle so much, Vicious is a mind boggling thriller that reminded me of what it would be like if Sherlock and Moriarty were ever room mates, and The Blue Castle is a beloved favourite of mine that I just love to death!

25124193  18180495  16144126


+ ONE entry per household please!
+ Please be 13 years and older or have parents permission.
+ I will send out an email as soon as I draw a winner, however if that winner doesn't reply within 48 hours I will draw another.

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GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!!! *throws confetti over you all*

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Expectations I have for QUEEN OF SHADOWS :: kingdom of feels here i come


At any other time,I would be the first person in my local bookshop on September 1st, hammering to let me in and let me throw my money at them, but FRUSTRATINGLY I have other commitments and there's no way I'll be able to go and grab a copy. I've consoled myself with the decision though (to stop myself from cocooning myself in my duvet and never coming out again in grief) that I'm going to nab myself a kindle copy at first light on September 1st and SO, even though I'll be rushing everywhere that day IT WILL BE IN MY POSSESSION AND ALL WILL BE BEAUTIFUL. Yeah. So that's my plan anyway.

BUT WHERE WAS I?! Oh, that's right, seeing as we're so close to QUEEN OF SHADOWS coming out *shrieks at a painful pitch* I decided to bombard you all with Expectations I have for this book. WARNING: Capslock is involved greatly.

Also, possibly mild spoilers for Heir of Fire and maaaaybe the rest of the series. I don't know what I might accidentally give away in my excitement SO BEWARE. 

 1.) Chaol and Celaena will meet up and sparks and awkwardness will FLY!!!! It'll be fantastic but also incredibly awkward/cringtastic and I am SO going to be on the sidelines squealing and fangirling and just generally celebrating the fact the my OTP is together again!!!!!! (Kind of.)

2.) Rowan will continue to be an ahole and get on my nerves times a billion. No one seems to hate this dude like I do, so if there are any Rowan haters out there and you see this, RAISE THY HAND AND TELL ME. We can start a "drop dead, Rowan!' club and it'll be heaps of fun.

3.) Dorian is not going to be a very happy chappy. DUH'S all round if you've read Heir of Fire, but I just thought I'd remind you all! I just KNOW my little pumpkin is going to try and fight all the evil llyspecifica his collar but kinda fail at times BUT ALL WILL BE WELL IN THE END BECAUSE IT'S DORIAN. And he's to much of a adorable puppy for Mass to hurt to much. (Notice the to. LET US NOT FORGET THE SASCHA PREDICAMENT. *feels massive emotional tantrum building* MOVING ON.)

4.) Any scenes involving Mab will have me cowering under my duvet. Okay? Okay.

5.) Choal is going to have a mid love crisis when he sees Celaena again. THIS IS GONNA HAPPEN YOU CAN JUST SEE IT. There might even be TEARS. Chaol spent a LOOOOT of HoF, mooning over Celaena (and I know heaps of people didn't like it and wanted him to put a sock in it), so I'm really hoping he gets over this stage and start being awesome again.

6.) Manon and Abroxos will continue being BEYOND AWESOME. So much so that I will squeal at a really loud fangirl pitched squeak every time there's a chapter featuring her. I WILL.

7.) I will stay up allllllll night reading QUEEN OF SHADOWS. IT'S GUARANTEED. I didn't stop reading HoF last year until around 3am in the morning, and I was so close to the end I stopped reading because a) I DIDN'T WANT IT TO BE OVER and b) I knew the ending would destroy me, so thought it was best to prepare myself by getting a couple hours sleep. (Oh, and the ending did destroy me. No amount of sleep would've stopped it. Thanks Maas.)

8.) All the other frabjously fabulous things I'm expecting from QUEEN OF SHADOWS and know it will deliver....but I can't think of them at the moment. MY MEMORY, GAH.

And lets finish this post with a bang shall we with me plastering this blogpost with the QUEEN OF SHADOWS covers!!!!!!! That's the best way to finish a blog post like this, I reckon.

US cover!!!
UK cover!!!

Sooooo...I want to know what your favourite cover is! Are the people that collect the UK editions like me, disappointed in the fact that the background of the UK edition of QoS looks exactly like the UK background of HoF?????!!!! DOES ANYONE FEEL MY PAIN??!! *hyperventilates*
Also: what are YOU expecting from QUEEN OF SHADOWS???!!! (besides y'know drowning in a ton of feels) I want to know!!

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